burpees for birthdays

Burpees for Birthdays

Every year since starting Roller Derby Athletics, I’ve done burpees on my birthday – one for each year. This year, for the first time, I actually felt like I had to train for the event (LOL… so many candles on that cake! That’s a LOT of burpees…

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conquer anything HIIT workout

The Conquer Anything HIIT Workout

Sometimes you want to be invincible. Sometimes you need to feel like you can conquer anything! That's where high intensity interval training (HIIT) comes in. It's damn hard work, but in the end, you're ready to take on the world (and that scary blocke…

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better burpees

Better Burpees, Eight Ways

Good news! Burpees are for winners! Bad news! You might not be doing them very well... Burpees can be a wonderful exercise, building strength, power, and endurance all in one delicious, muscle-burning move. But there are some mistakes to watch out fo…

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The 25,000 Fan Pyramid Workout

What's got 25,000 thumbs and loves burpees?? Roller Derby Athletics' fans, that's what! That's right - this week I'm celebrating a milestone - 25,000 of you derby peeps have given the ol' thumbs up to the Roller Derby Athletics page on Facebook.  That…

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Jump Jive ‘n’ Roll Derby Workout

There was so much twisting, jumping, and rolling around in this workout, I couldn't resist completely punning up some classic swing music for you!  So get your victory rolls set and your saddle shoes tied up tight. This workout is going to have you ju…

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Feel The Burn Workout

Some days you just need to get out there and crank it out. No holds barred, no excuses, just burning muscles, sweat, and that euphoric feeling when you're done. I bring you, therefore, an AMRAP challenge workout! We are going to haul ass for 12 minutes s…

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Bring It! Time Challenge Workout

Some days you need to be truly ready to BRING IT. Today is one of those days. This workout means business! We are going to hit the deck with a whole lot of strength and cardio in this workout. Your upper body, lower body, and core will be feeling it, and…

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Ready For Battle Workout

There are many things in a roller derby bout that we have no control over. Officials, the other team, the floor surface... so it's critical to focus on the things we CAN control. A good attitude, resiliency in the face of challenges, and well-maintained …

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Booster Juice workout

I'm stoked to bring you today's new workout for 3 important reasons... #1 – I asked you for the biggest challenges you wanted to overcome, and overwhelmingly, you said “endurance!” Ask and ye shall receive, my friends... mwahahaha... #2 – I have a…

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Skater’s Choice Workout

Today's workout** is an interval workout and it is going to be a whole body strength workout, very intense cardio, with a focus on improving our recovery time – the time it takes for our heart rates to return to a normal level after you go like hell. Th…

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Burpees are for winners

That's right, you heard us... WINNERS! There's nothing quite like 'em. No other exercise we've found can so closely represent that teeth-gnashingly, burn-y, hypoxic feeling we get in our legs towards the end of a 2-minute jam. Do your team a favour and …

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