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Junior roller derby
Team training


We are the leaders in home based, roller derby cross training and have been for over 11 years. Our Coaches and support staff are highly trained professionals, dedicated to our athletes being SAFE, STRONG and UNSTOPPABLE on and off the track!

RDA uses our custom training app to deliver targeted off-skates training, supporting the muscles and movements all skaters need to keep their bodies strong and succeed in our sport.

We offer TEAM TRAINING to both adults and JUNIORS. Our Coaches understand the needs of Junior roller derby athletes and love working with the next generation in roller derby. 

NO gym or equipment is required for our programs. YES to team bonding, YES to private in-app team groups, and YES to being SAFE, STRONG, and UNSTOPPABLE together!


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Team training benefits

all the Accountability.

You don’t have to do it alone! Teammates can feel camaraderie in their private group, and encourage each other to keep going while commenting on workouts & posting sweaty selfies. Coaches can monitor athletes’ participation in their off-skate training at the Team and League levels!

Simple. At-home Workouts.

Many skaters thrive in a very structured environment for off-skate training. Take out the guesswork for them, and ensure the training they are doing is derby-specific. No gym needed, and no one needs to budget hours per day for their training.

RESULTS on the track.

Teams with better conditioning and strength are more likely to show up healthy on game day, log fewer penalties, and win more games! Teams training with RDA report higher compliance with off-skate training, great team bonding, and feeling more confident when they hit the track.

Choose Your level

Choose your plan, and send us your athletes’ details (we’ll provide a form). 
Prices listed in $USD. Cancel any time with 7 days notice.

Private team support group/message board, great for accountability!

Team Coach access to monitor athlete activity

Customized plans to work with your training/competitive season

FREE access to member challenges

DerbyFuel nutrition program included

Level 1

5-20 athletes

Sign Up Fee: $99


@20 skaters $7.5 each/mo.!

Level 2

21-60 athletes

Sign Up Fee: $99


@60 skaters $6.25 each/mo.!

Level 3

61-100+ athletes

Sign Up Fee: $99


@100 skaters $6 each/mo.!