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About RDA

At Roller Derby Athletics, it's our mission to empower every roller derby athlete to be safe, strong, and unstoppable. We want to help every skater achieve their goals.

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We take the mystery out of cross-training, giving skaters the tools and inspiration to transform their game, without a lot of equipment or time.

We provide sport-specific training programs and resources to help skaters around the world achieve their best.

In doing so, we abide by these core values. Without exception, RDA is:

  • Safe: Injury prevention is the first priority of all Roller Derby Athletics training programs.
  • Inclusive: we focus on outcomes and abilities, not appearance. Every athlete’s sweat counts equally, whether you’ve never exercised before, or you’re a total gym rat.
  • Authentic: our coaches are real people, and derby athletes like you. We don't expect perfection; we request your best effort. We won’t suggest you buy a program if it’s not what you really need.
  • Challenging: We'll kick your ass, and you’ll thank us for it!

We are proud to be listed in the Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Finder.

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Booty Quake – Head Coach

about-rdaA coach, an athlete, and a roller derby player.

Booty Quake (#8) started playing roller derby with the Terminal City Rollergirls in 2007, and skated with Toronto Roller Derby in 2015-2016. She has led and coached at all levels over the years: as League President, captain of the All-Star Team, Head Coach of Fresh Meat, and Head of Training. (Not all at the same time – that would be nuts!).

Effective off-skate training and an extensive sports background (NCAA Division 1 Rowing, among others) have had a major impact on Booty’s own success in derby, and she has helped thousands of athletes around the world on that journey too. Booty loves using her knowledge to help other skaters grow. Roller Derby Athletics is her vehicle to bring this knowledge and skill to the wider derby community.

Booty is a co-founder of charity organization Girls On Track Foundation, which seeks to help keep girls playing sport through their teens, by improving awareness and access to junior roller derby! 

With pal Luludemon, Booty is also a co-founder of Rolla Skate Club in Vancouver.

Booty currently lives and skates in Vancouver, BC. When she’s not skating the sea wall, you can probably find her hunting down the city's best bourbon cocktail or hiking in the mountains. As she says in her training videos, she’s here to “kick your ass, so you can go kick someone else’s.”


BadBrand – Skater Success Coach

BadBrand (aka Sheena Goodbrand) has been a dedicated RDA athlete since 2014, and attributes her success and improvement on the track to her off-skate training with Booty Quake’s programs. She has served as Head of Training for Pile O’ Bones Derby Club in Regina, SK, Canada,  jammer for the PBDC Sugar Skulls, and a member of Team Sask for multiple seasons. BadBrand was part of the support staff for Team Australia at Mens Roller Derby World Cup 2016 and was proud to watch them earn the Bronze Medal.

Off the track, BadBrand is a Registered Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience, and is working towards her Bachelor of Health Science. As well, she is a Professional Skate Canada Coach with 17 years experience teaching figure skating, and a Certified CanPowerskate Instructor. BadBrand loves to apply her figure skating and RMT knowledge to roller derby training and is passionate about helping others achieve their game and fitness goals.

Learn more about BadBrand here...


Maloik – Skater Success Coach

Maloik (aka Tess Campolieti) is a board certified and licensed Athletic Trainer with a master’s degree in exercise physiology, working with a wide variety of patients and athletes focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation post-injury.

Known in the derby community as "Safety Maloik," her passion is proper training/prehab to prevent injury during competition.

She has skated at all levels of Burning River Roller Derby (Cleveland, OH), since 2013. From home team to All-Star travel team, including serving as skater and Coach of the Hazmat (B team) along the way! In 2018, she served as Burning River Roller Derby’s All Stars captain and also earned a spot on the Ohio All Stars team.

Photo by Alex Belisle Photography, used with permission 


Lilith NoFair – Derby in the Kitchen


As a certified Precision Nutrition coach and our Derby in the Kitchen contributor, Lilith NoFair doesn’t just want you to “eat better”. She wants to help you develop healthy habits that will carry you through a lifetime. In addition to her nutrition credentials, Laura Wombwell is a personal trainer, kettlebell specialist, and roller derby skater with Tri-City Roller Girls in Kitchener, Ontario. She maintains her own blog and fitness training business at How We Roll Fitness.

If you are interested in remote personal training or nutrition coaching at special rates for Roller Derby Athletics readers, use the contact form below to get in touch!

Learn more about Lilith NoFair here...


Jess Bandit – Mental Muscle

Jess Bandit - Mental Muscle

“Jess Bandit” is well known and much feared as a former Team Canada skater, and powerhouse for Montreal’s New Skids on the Block… and also happens to hold a Master of Human Kinetics in Intervention and Consultation in Sport.

A professional member with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, Jess Paternostro has worked with amateur competitive athletes and coaches to help them strength their mental game through teaching mental skills training and preparation. She has worked within a variety of sports: such as boxing, hockey, basketball, judo, sailing, soccer, ballet, wrestling, and roller derby.

In addition to coaching Roller Derby Masculin Montreal (MRDA), Jess was the assistant coach for Men’s Team Canada at the 2014 and 2016 World Cup, and is head coach of Women’s Team Canada for the 2017 World Cup. 

Learn more about Jess Bandit here...

Giving Back

Roller Derby Athletics believes in the power of sports in changing lives and communities, especially for young women. We are proud to donate a portion profits from sales of our training programs to the Girls on Track Foundation. Find out more about Girls On Track!

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