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At Roller Derby Athletics, it’s our mission to empower every roller derby athlete to be safestrong, and unstoppable. We want to help every skater achieve their goals.


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Our story

Hey, we’re Ratchet-Face & Taco Bruiseday & we’re so excited to join the RDA team. We’ve had a love of derby for over 5 years and channeled that love into Bout Betties. After 3 years of that we decided to take on the challenge of grabbing the laces of RDA. We’re super stoked to channel our derby love into sharing our fitness journeys with all of you. 

We understand the struggle of fitting in cross training into our busy schedules & knew that RDA was the perfect option. We’re stoked to have the opportunity to connect with you all in the Derbyverse through our fitness challenges and in the Roller Derby Athletics app. Thank you so much for following RDA’s growth and sticking with us!  

Why Roller Derby Athletics?

We take the mystery out of cross-training, giving skaters the tools and inspiration to transform their game, without a lot of equipment or time.

We provide sport-specific training programs and resources to help skaters around the world achieve their best.

In doing so, we abide by these core values. Without exception, RDA is:

  • Safe: Injury prevention is the first priority of all Roller Derby Athletics training programs.
  • Inclusive: we focus on outcomes and abilities, not appearance. Every athlete’s sweat counts equally, whether you’ve never exercised before, or you’re a total gym rat.
  • Authentic: our coaches are real people, and derby athletes like you. We don’t expect perfection; we request your best effort. We won’t suggest you buy a program if it’s not what you really need.
  • Challenging: We’ll kick your ass, and you’ll thank us for it!

We are proud to be listed in the Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Finder.

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Meet the crew


Skater Success Coach

Maloik (aka Tess V.) is a board certified and licensed Athletic Trainer with a Master’s Degree in exercise physiology, working with a wide variety of patients and athletes focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation post-injury. Known in the derby community as “Safety Maloik,” her passion is proper training/prehab to prevent injury during competition.

Johnnie knocks' em

Skater Success Coach

Johnnie Knocks’Em (aka Brooke H.) has been in the roller derby scene since 2010. She started out as a primary All-Star skater for the Derby City Roller Girls in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 2018 she received her official NASM Certification as a personal trainer. Some of her specialties include small group training and youth exercise. She spends her time in Atlanta as a full time fitness coach and small group circuit training instructor.


Skater Success Coach

Fleur De Lethal (aka Jazz D.) started skating in the Summer of 2013 as part of the (then) Nashville Rollergirls Rec League program. In October of 2016, she moved to Austin, TX and transferred to Texas Rollergirls. In addition to a degree in Human and Organizational Development, she also has certifications in Intelligent Program Design, Habit Coaching, and most recently acquired a DBC Level 1 certification.


Office Manager

Wasp (aka Izzy M.) has been a part of roller derby since she turned 18 in 2015. She skated with the Thunder City Derby Sirens before going on leave after having her son. She is excited to bring her customer service and client advocate skills to the Roller Derby Athletics team! Roller Derby and its culture are a couple of her favorite things to be a part of.



Ratchet-Face (aka Rachel R.) Started skating with the Augusta Soul City Sirens in 2015. After a leg break and immediately after having a baby, she started helping the Sirens with Training new skaters. That love of Training carried through when she moved to Omaha, NE and continued to help train new skaters in ORD’s boot camp program. She cries every time she helps a new skater bust past a plateau.

taco bruiseday


Taco Bruiseday (aka Jessica B.) plays with The Fighting Unicorns on North Texas Roller Derby in Denton, TX. Heading into her third season, she’s excited to begin her journey with RDA.


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