Refer a Friend

Are you ready to pay it forward and transform someone else’s game?

I know that sounds dramatic but we see it everyday here at RDA!  When you refer a friend, not only will you be helping other skaters who want to get ahead, but you will also be adding to our kick-ass #RDAallstars fitness community.

By referring people to us so we can help them (just like we support you), you can make a massive difference in their lives.

  • Help them overcome the frustration of not learning (or mastering) their derby skills as quickly as they want to;
  • Take away the stress and worry of not knowing what kind of workout to do when, to get better;
  • Give them a supportive environment with helpful coaches, to help them be at their best every time they step onto the track;
  • Show them the tools they need to achieve that next level – whether it’s passing minimums or making the A team.

They’ll get a 15% discount of their first membership purchase in whatever program they choose.

But we haven’t forgotten YOU! …When your referral joins up, you’ll get a matching discount off your next membership renewal if you are a current member! If you’re not a member, you’ll get a gift card to pay it forward to someone else.

Thank you for making a massive difference in another skater’s life, and adding to the amazing health and fitness community we all love!