Getting to Know Maloik!

Posted on: November 19th 2018

Maloik (aka Tess Vavrek) began her roller derby career in 2013 with Cleveland, Ohio’s Burning River Roller Derby.

She has navigated through each level of play, competing as a Rolling Pin Up (home team) skater, Hazmat (B team) skater and coach, and competing at the All Star level since 2017. In 2018, she served as Burning River Roller Derby’s All Stars captain and also earned a spot on the Ohio All Stars team.

Off the track, Maloik is a board-certified and licensed Athletic Trainer with a masters degree in exercise physiology, working with a wide variety of patients and athletes focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation post-injury. Her passion is proper training/prehab to prevent injury during competition.

When she’s not competing, practicing, or working, she can be found trail skating millions of miles with her husband Right Hand Man (Pittsburgh Undead Roller Derby), weight lifting, relaxing at the beach, or hanging out with all of her furbabies.

Photo by Jim Vernier, used with permission 

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