Feel The Burn Workout

Posted on: December 11th 2013

Some days you just need to get out there and crank it out. No holds barred, no excuses, just burning muscles, sweat, and that euphoric feeling when you’re done.

I bring you, therefore, an AMRAP challenge workout! We are going to haul ass for 12 minutes solid, and aim to complete As Many Rounds As Possible of a 3-exercise set. The exercises are compound movements, selected specifically to work on power, strength, and muscle endurance that you need specifically for roller derby. You’ll get a full body workout, but I guarantee you’ll feel it the most in your legs and your lungs! The goal is to build strength, and replicate the burn you feel at the end of a hard jam. By sustaining these strength and plyometric movements for 12 minutes without breaks, you are also really pushing your anaerobic training, which will make you fitter and faster.

Here’s the drill:
Set your timer to count down from 12 minutes.

Do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of the following sequence:

  1. Lunge Jumps + 1-leg pushup x 10 reps
  2. Burpee + flying plank x 10 reps
  3. Side lunge jumps + Leg lift x 20 reps

Check out the video to see how to perform these moves.

What makes this workout great? Besides getting you dripping with sweat, this one is a measurable challenge that you can come back to in the future, and compare your score. So be sure to write down your score in a fitness journal (you keep one of those, right…?!). Your score would be in the number of rounds, plus partial round info. For example, “1 + 8 side lunge jumps” would mean you made it through a full round, plus exercises 1 & 2, and 8 reps of 3. Leave me your score in the comments – I’d love to see how you did!

Some tips on counting reps –

For exercise 1, each rep consists of the three lunge jumps, and the walkout pushup. So you’ll end up doing 5 reps of the 1-leg pushup on each side, per set.

For exercise 2, the counting is pretty self-explanatory. Each burpee + plank is 1.

For exercise 3, you’ll do these alternating sides, so 20 reps will work out to 10 leg lifts per side.

As I mention in the video, it’s important to slow down and take short breaks if you need them, to maintain good form. Racing through these movements to get a high score while sacrificing form is a waste of your hard-earned time!


  • If the 1-leg pushup is too difficult, just do it from both feet, or from your knees. Walk yourself out to a plank with both feet, then drop your knees if you need to for the pushup, then back to a plank and walk your hands back to your toes.
  • You can modify the flying plank move if it is too challenging. Just raise one arm, or one leg, at a time, instead of an arm and a leg simultaneously. You can choose to do the whole routine with just arms, just legs, or alternate.
  • The side jumps and leg lift should be achievable for all skill levels. Be sure to get a good vertical jump when switching legs. If this is too challenging, you may step your legs from side to side without a hop, just be sure to get a deep bend in your supporting leg each time.

I hope you make time to get out there and Feel the Burn with me on this AMRAP! Leave a comment below and let me know how you scored!


PS, can you guess what city I shot the video in?

9 thoughts on “Feel The Burn Workout

  1. My score was 2 rounds + 3 burpees. Hope to improve next time! And I’m not telling where this was filmed… I want to see your guesses! ;)

  2. 2 rounds + 10 pushups, 10 burpees and 2 side lunges. Umm… Sidney?

    1. Nice work! Keep guessing…

  3. Oooft, only got 1+10 side lifts. Took me about five minutes to get through one set and I think I slowed down second time around… Still, made it!

    I’m guessing Melbourne?

    1. Melbourne! You’re right!!

  4. didn’t quite get 2 full rounds, immediatly lost count on the lunge jump push ups, then had a work phone call half way through! so was a bit of a disaster on the measuring front!

  5. I made it through one round, and then skipped the first pushup/lunge set and straight back to burpee/planks before the timer went off. Answered a phone call in there, too. Stoaked I made it through the first one-foot push ups – I’ve been doing them on my knees for the past 6 months and hadn’t tried to do them on my feet until now. Scha-wing!

    And my guess, judging by the grass is definitely not Canada but below the equator :-)

  6. I threw this into my routine today and was surprised at how well I did. 2 rounds plus lunges, burpees and three side lunge jumps.

    1. Nice job!!

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