conquer anything HIIT workout

The Conquer Anything HIIT Workout

Sometimes you want to be invincible. Sometimes you need to feel like you can conquer anything! That's where high intensity interval training (HIIT) comes in. It's damn hard work, but in the end, you're ready to take on the world (and that scary blocke…

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Turkey Trot Workout

Workout Focus: Full Body, Endurance You Need: a chair; a timer or stopwatch Stability Training: none today! Suggested Warmup: 50 jumping jacks | 20 x half squats | 20 x wall push-ups | 20 x good mornings | 20 x full squats | 20 walking lunges | 20 arm…

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better burpees

Better Burpees, Eight Ways

Good news! Burpees are for winners! Bad news! You might not be doing them very well... Burpees can be a wonderful exercise, building strength, power, and endurance all in one delicious, muscle-burning move. But there are some mistakes to watch out fo…

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HIIT Workout - Hop in The Park

A Hop in the Park Interval Workout

It's a Hop in the Park, but it's no walk in the park...This gym-free interval workout means business. But when you can do it outside, or with your teammates, it takes the burn off, just a touch!  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts should …

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All-Star Jammer Juice Workout

The ability to sustain your endurance, speed and power from the first whistle to the last whistle takes a lot of training. Do this workout, and you'll be ready for anything at your next bout. Two minutes of hard work, followed by a one-minute rest, then r…

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Power Up with Plyo

Whether you want to punch through the scrum start the second the whistle blows, or have the power to move another blocker at will to create offensive opportunities, you'll want to power up with plyo to make it happen! What the heck is plyo anyw…

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The 25,000 Fan Pyramid Workout

What's got 25,000 thumbs and loves burpees?? Roller Derby Athletics' fans, that's what! That's right - this week I'm celebrating a milestone - 25,000 of you derby peeps have given the ol' thumbs up to the Roller Derby Athletics page on Facebook.  That…

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Super-Plyo Workout for Roller Derby

Plyo, aka plyometrics, is the key to building explosive speed in any sport. Deep knee bends followed by explosive high jumps will build fast-twitch muscles needed for quick accelerations and powerful hits. And we all love both of those things, no? In thi…

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Pre-Hab! Stability Training Workout

What's that you say? Another Pre-Hab video? INDEED! Many skaters ask me for tips on how to gain more agility as a skater. Well, friends - stability is a big part of your answer. (Other parts include leg strength, core strength, and ninja skills). It's …

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Spring Cleaning HIIT Workout

Spring Cleaning! It's officially mid-may, so I say better late than never for some good ol' spring cleaning (as I swirl a glass of wine and avoid looking at the dust bunnies in the corner...) So it's a cardio clean-out-thecobwebs instead -  I have duste…

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Feel The Burn Workout

Some days you just need to get out there and crank it out. No holds barred, no excuses, just burning muscles, sweat, and that euphoric feeling when you're done. I bring you, therefore, an AMRAP challenge workout! We are going to haul ass for 12 minutes s…

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Another Seven Minutes in Heaven

You know, sometimes the oldies are the goodies. I first posted this workout in February 2013, and it's become one of the most-watched videos on my YouTube channel (PS, that's a thing you can subscribe to). So it's back to the archives for this week's work…

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