The 25,000 Fan Pyramid Workout

Posted on: April 15th 2015

What’s got 25,000 thumbs and loves burpees?? Roller Derby Athletics’ fans, that’s what!

That’s right – this week I’m celebrating a milestone – 25,000 of you derby peeps have given the ol’ thumbs up to the Roller Derby Athletics page on Facebook. 

That’s 25,000 people who want to take good care of their bodies, be better teammates, train smarter, be fiercer, and become UNSTOPPABLE. I’m here to help, and I’m so honoured that you’ve joined in the fun!!

And with that, my celebratory (uh, yes, I celebrate with squat jumps, I guess…) “25,000 Fan Pyramid” workout! Do you remember The $25,000 Pyramid game show, from back in olden times? I’m no Dick Clark, so instead of brain-teasing questions, we’re just gonna sweat it out, for old time’s sake. Sound good?  And it’s going to be a pyramid workout. If you aren’t familiar with pyramids – you’re about to find out. 

If you’re an All-Star member here at RDA, you’ve got access to a real time video to follow along with, along with modifications and more :)

Here’s how the workout goes – you only need a mat to do this workout, and you can even do it on the floor after practice with your teammates!

Warm up first, yo!

  • 25 High Knees (count both legs up = 1 rep)
  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 15 Side Raises – Right
  • 10 Lunge Jumps
  • 5 Squat Thrusts
  • 10 Lunge Jumps
  • 15 Side Raises – Left
  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 25 High Knees 

Repeat the full series again for a second round! Want to really up your game? Do three rounds, or even four.

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch after!

Thanks again for “liking” Roller Derby Athletics on Facebook. Keep up the good work out there!

xo Booty Quake

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3 thoughts on “The 25,000 Fan Pyramid Workout

  1. Awesome!
    Looking forward to getting my butt in gear!

  2. Hi Booty! So, 9 mo ago I had a baby girl and 9months prior to that had to stop roller derby because of my pregnancy. Now, 20 pounds heavier, all around my “booty” I have jiggly weight I want to work to take off again. Thoughts on the best way to target that glute minimus and medius? Thanks SO much. ELE- everybody love everybody in Flint, MI

    1. Hey ELE – I am going to email you separately with some guidance!

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