Quick Warm-Up - RDA

My Super-Quick Warm-Up Routine

Is that you? Late for practice again?Or maybe you're trying to slot in a quick but intense workout on your lunch break?I've been working on warm-ups and cool-downs, aka "flexibility training" a lot lately (You can check out my Pre-Hab! On-Skate Warmup, t…

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The 25,000 Fan Pyramid Workout

What's got 25,000 thumbs and loves burpees?? Roller Derby Athletics' fans, that's what! That's right - this week I'm celebrating a milestone - 25,000 of you derby peeps have given the ol' thumbs up to the Roller Derby Athletics page on Facebook.  That…

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No Hands Roller Derby Workout

Yay! It's Autumn! Leaves are falling, frost is crunching underfoot, Championals are over, and leagues all over North America are preparing for winter hibernation...  And yet. You are here. YOU, my friend, are not about to let cold, wet weather stop …

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Basic Training - Roller Derby Athletics

“Basic Training” Derby Strength Workout

Everyone wants to be a superstar on the track. Unfortunately, not that many people want to legitimately work towards being a superstar. Of the remainder, a good chunk of people ARE super motivated, but they aren't sure where to focus that energy to get …

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Loving it Low Workout

By popular request, this week's workout is - first and foremost - for anyone who is looking for a strength workout and a good full body sweaty-time. But this one is especially great for those of you who are recovering from an injury. You want to keep yo…

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Backtastic! Low Back Derby Workout

Not long ago I polled my readers on Facebook about what kind of workout they were in the mood for... so many requests came through for 'something to help my low back pain' that I couldn't resist. Low back pain, as you probably know, is the devil incarnat…

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