Loving it Low Workout

Posted on: March 11th 2014

By popular request, this week’s workout is – first and foremost – for anyone who is looking for a strength workout and a good full body sweaty-time.

But this one is especially great for those of you who are recovering from an injury. You want to keep your fitness up, but jumping is off the table for now – Doctor’s orders. And you’re just not sure what to do.

No worries! Booty is here for you! This workout is LOW IMPACT, so no jumping at all, but still HIGH IMPACT on your overall fitness.

Here’s the drill:

You need – a warmup, and a mat

Do three rounds:

  • Spiderman plank & push-up x 12 (do 6 each side, alternating)
  • Back Lunge + Knee-ups x 10 per side
  • Knee-up Situps x 20
  • Single Leg Squat + Deadlift x 10 each side

Now – if you are rehabbing a foot, ankle, or knee injury, then of course you need to check in with the docs first to make sure these movements are OK for your particular injury and level of recovery. But if they say you’re good to go, then I think you’ll really like this one. The reverse lunges and the one leg squat/deadlift combo provide excellent stability training that can really help with your rehab, and with future injury prevention too.

What’s your best move to stay fit while you’re rehabbing a lower body injury? Tell me about it in the comments below!

xo Booty Quake

PS: if you’re injured, check out my post on surviving it.

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