stability workout at home

Stability Workout At Home

Stability workouts are critical for derby! This kind of training makes us feel more solid on the track. It helps us absorb hits and stay in-bounds. It makes us stronger in a braced formation. AND - very important - it also helps us to avoid injuries. In …

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RDA Insider: Roller Derby World Cup

If you caught some of the action from the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup last weekend, you saw how physically tough the game play was. How does one of the top roller derby teams in the world prepare for a four-day, seven-game tournament? I ca…

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Pre-Hab! Stability Training All-Star extras

Hey there, All-Stars! Here's your extra content on this one - download this PDF handout that summarizes the exercises I showed in the video! Print it out, take it with you, put it under your pillow... :) Pre-hab Stability Handout xo Booty Quake  …

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How-to: Build A Slosh Pipe!

Stability Training for roller derby is really really important. I talk all about that in my recent Stability Pre-Hab Video, which you should definitely check out! In it, I use a cool, low-tech hack called a slosh pipe. Although that sounds like some kind…

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Pre-Hab! Stability Training Workout

What's that you say? Another Pre-Hab video? INDEED! Many skaters ask me for tips on how to gain more agility as a skater. Well, friends - stability is a big part of your answer. (Other parts include leg strength, core strength, and ninja skills). It's …

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Loving it Low Workout

By popular request, this week's workout is - first and foremost - for anyone who is looking for a strength workout and a good full body sweaty-time. But this one is especially great for those of you who are recovering from an injury. You want to keep yo…

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The Agility Sandwich Workout

The secret to improving your agility for roller derby, is that there's no one secret. Yes, like so many things in life, you can't just hit the bullseye with a single dart. Sometimes you need to come at things from multiple angles. I won't call it a shotgu…

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Back to Prehab! Feet and Ankles

Given that most of us who follow the WFTDA season are currently on some form of an off-season, now seems like a GREAT time to do some pre-hab for the upcoming season's smashing-each-other-around. If you're not one of the 320 skaters hitting the decks in M…

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banded ankle Inversion

Prehab! Feet and Ankles

Today's workout isn't exactly a workout to get your heart rate up and your sweat on. It's a PREHAB session - a routine to help minimize ankle injuries and keep your body in kick-ass shape for kicking ass on the track. This is the preventative work we sho…

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