Stability Workout At Home

Posted on: May 10th 2018

stability workout at home

Stability workouts are critical for derby! This kind of training makes us feel more solid on the track. It helps us absorb hits and stay in-bounds. It makes us stronger in a braced formation. AND – very important – it also helps us to avoid injuries.

In today’s quick video, I’ve got seven simple stability moves that you can do at home without any special gear! 

You can add any of these exercises as a warm-up or finisher to another workout, or you can do them all in a row as your main workout for the day. This type of session would be suitable for a light day or an active rest day.


The Moves: 

I’ve listed suggested sets and reps both as a warmup option (WU) or as part of a workout (WO). If doing this as your workout, no need to also do the WU set – you can roll right into the workout.

  1. Walking lunge with twist – WU: 30 to 60s continuous. WO: 20, alternating sides, x 3 sets
  2. Single leg deadlift – WU: 8-10 per side. WO: 3 x 8-15/side. If adding weight, start with 10 pounds and work your way up.
  3. Single leg balance, eyes closed – WU: 30-60s per side. WO: up to 3x 60s per side.
    • 2a: single leg balance with toss/weight – Same as above. Start with 5 pounds and work your way up.
  4. Stride Balance – WU: 4 reps per side (out + under = 1 rep). WO: up to 3x 60s per side.
  5. Three-legged plank – WU: 2 to 4 rounds of 2-3s holds.  WO: 2 or 3 sets of 4-6 rounds, 5s holds or longer if possible!
  6. Two-legged plank – WU: 5 x 2-3s holds each side (10 total) WO:  2 or 3 sets of 30-60s continuous
  7. Body-tap plank – WU: 4 x 2 rounds with rests between. WO: 2 or 3 sets of 30-60s continuous

Remember: You don’t need to do ALL of these exercises in a warm-up or finisher, if you’re just looking to add some stability training regularly to your workouts. Pick and choose a few different ones to try each time you work out.  Same goes for the workout – you can mix the plank exercises in with the single-leg exercises so that you’re alternating the muscle groups.

Use your strong glute engagement and core engagement to make your entire body stable, not just your shoulders or your lower leg!

Want more stability funsies? I have another grab-bag stability workout here for you.

I promise you that with consistent stability training, the results will show themselves on the track!

xo Booty Quake

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