How-to: Build A Slosh Pipe!

Posted on: August 7th 2014

Stability Training for roller derby is really really important. I talk all about that in my recent Stability Pre-Hab Video, which you should definitely check out!

In it, I use a cool, low-tech hack called a slosh pipe. Although that sounds like some kind of college binge-drinking apparatus, it is essentially a length of plastic piping, capped at both ends, with water inside. When you move it around, the water sloshes according to gravity, and creates a dynamic load for you to resist.

As promised, here is the how-to video on how to make your own! It’s easy, I promise. A trip to the store plus the full assembly will take you less than an hour. More, if you’re like me and realized you forgot something and have to go back. And then the store is closed. But that is another story…


You can definitely use a longer pipe, especially if you’re all hardcore and you want to use more weight. A 6′ slosh pipe is limited to about 5L of water, maybe 6, to maintain the slosh action. That will give you 5 to 6 kg of weight (11 to 13 pounds). If you go to an 8′ tube, you can get up to 7L (15.5 lbs), but good luck getting it in your car to take to your team off-skates practice…

** here is a hot tip that I forgot to mention in the video!!**

If you intend to store your slosh pipe in your garage or outdoors in a climate that has winter… ADD ANTIFREEZE to your water! This will change the weight ratio a little because antifreeze is not as dense as water. But it will prevent your pipe from cracking! You may also want to add a splash of bleach to your water if you plan to store it with water as well, to prevent any goo from growing inside.

I hope you dig this DIY project and it’s not too intimidating. It’s really super easy and it’s a worthwhile tool to have in your arsenal for improving your stability and proprioception for roller derby.

xo Booty Quake

PS – please comment below if you have any questions about this DIY!

PPS – bonus points if you get why I picked that song for the video…


4 thoughts on “How-to: Build A Slosh Pipe!

  1. If you are going to store it with water you may want a capful of bleach so it doesn’t stagnate also.

    1. Great idea Jimmie – I have edited the post with that helpful suggestion! Thanks!

      1. Probably don’t mix bleach and antifreeze, though. Not a chemist, but some googling suggests it nullifies the antifreeze and creates flammable gas. It also corrodes metal, but that doesn’t seem relevant here.

        1. Haha! Yes – Also a good point! I generally avoid mixing bleach with anything… no one likes a little unexpected chlorine gas!

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