Super-Plyo Workout for Roller Derby

Posted on: September 16th 2014

Plyo, aka plyometrics, is the key to building explosive speed in any sport. Deep knee bends followed by explosive high jumps will build fast-twitch muscles needed for quick accelerations and powerful hits. And we all love both of those things, no?

In this workout I bring you a few new tricks I picked up at Rollercon this year, and a few oldies-but-goodies, too. The workout is done Tabata style – meaning 4 minute rounds of 20s work / 10s rest intervals. The key to doing Tabata correctly is that the work intervals must be done at *maximum* effort. Don’t kid yourself that you’re getting the world’s best workout because it’s Tabata, if you’re not putting in the work effort!  

Check out the workout here:

If you’re an All-Star member here at RDA, you’ve got access to a real time video to follow along with, and a handy printable of this workout. 

Here’s how the workout goes – each exercise is done for 20s at max effort, followed by 10s of rest. Use an online or app-based timer – there are lots of pre-made Tabata ones! I use Seconds Pro from iTunes.

  • Part 1: Squat Jumps, Frog Jumps (forward and backward), Lunge Jumps, Tuck Jumps.  Repeat this set twice (=4 minutes elapsed).
  • 60s rest… (=5 minutes elapsed)
  • Part 2: Single-leg Tuck Jumps Right, Single-leg Tuck Jumps Left, Lunge-Tuck Jumps, Forward-Forward-Side Hops. Repeat through twice (=9 minutes elapsed).

IMPORTANT THINGS! Do not ignore these!

  • If you are new to plyometrics and/or derby fitness training, stick to Part 1 until you’ve mastered it. You can repeat Part 1 four times for the same duration of work. Part 2 is super advanced.
  • This workout uses very intense and explosive movements. Use it as a “finisher” to go after another workout or practice, or at least ensure that you are VERY well warmed up before attempting it. Please, no strained hamstrings!!
  • Plyometrics relies on a deep knee bend before the explosive jump. Reviewing the footage, I could have been lower for MOST of the workout. Exaggerate the depth of your knee bend throughout, and do your best to land on soft knees with a deep bend as well.

So… What did you think? Which move was the hardest for you? Please leave a comment below so we can all learn and share!

xo Booty Quake

PS for more Tabatas, have a look at my Fast and Furious workout, or the Ready for Battle session.

PPS If you’re looking for a training program that will push your power, speed, and agility with more plyo workouts, you need StrideBooster, my advanced training program that will help you turn up the dial!

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