No Hands Roller Derby Workout

Yay! It's Autumn! Leaves are falling, frost is crunching underfoot, Championals are over, and leagues all over North America are preparing for winter hibernation...  And yet. You are here. YOU, my friend, are not about to let cold, wet weather stop …

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Super-Plyo All-Star Extras

Hello All-Stars! Here is your exclusive real-time version of this video - great for if you want to follow along step by step with me in doing this session! Do note that you need a little bit of space for some of these - especially the frog hops in part 1…

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Super-Plyo Workout for Roller Derby

Plyo, aka plyometrics, is the key to building explosive speed in any sport. Deep knee bends followed by explosive high jumps will build fast-twitch muscles needed for quick accelerations and powerful hits. And we all love both of those things, no? In thi…

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Fast n Furious workout

Fast and Furious Derby Workout

You say ta-bay-ta, I say ta-bah-ta... Either way you slice it, Tabata is a great type of workout to try if you're pressed for time but want to make an impact. It takes only 4 minutes, but even a session as fast and furious as that can actually make a real…

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