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Posted on: September 16th 2014

Hello All-Stars!

Here is your exclusive real-time version of this video – great for if you want to follow along step by step with me in doing this session! Do note that you need a little bit of space for some of these – especially the frog hops in part 1, and the front-front-side hops in part 2. 


Here is the abbreviated workout video that is quick to watch and get a sense of what this session entails… 

Some additional all-star only input on this workout – 

There are several ‘tuck’ style jumps in this video – Tuck Jumps, Single leg tuck jumps (oooofff!!) and Lunge tuck jumps. To do these correctly, really make sure you’re getting a deep, 90 degree bend before takeoff, and focus on “knee(s) to chest”. Repeat this to yourself with each jump. This is especially challenging with the single leg ones, but that is your mental goal.

Also, with the single-leg jumps in this video – try to land on one foot and HOLD your landing without touching your other foot down. I do touch down several times in the video, and you might have to also, but Peter Pan (the skater, not the boy-elf) instructed us to really push for staying on one foot. Obviously, bending from the knee will help you to stick that landing. This approach goes for the Single leg tuck jumps, as well as the Forward-forward-side jumps.

Here’s how the workout goes – each exercise is done for 20s at max effort, followed by 10s of rest. Use an online or app-based timer – there are lots of pre-made Tabata ones! I use Seconds Pro from iTunes.

  • Part 1: Squat Jumps, Frog Jumps (forward and backward), Lunge Jumps, Tuck Jumps.  Repeat this set twice (=4 minutes elapsed).
  • 60s rest… (=5 minutes elapsed)
  • Part 2: Single-leg Tuck Jumps Right, Single-leg Tuck Jumps Left, Lunge-Tuck Jumps, Forward-Forward-Side Hops. Repeat through twice (=9 minutes elapsed).

IMPORTANT THINGS! Do not ignore these!

  • If you are new to plyometrics and/or derby fitness training, stick to Part 1 until you’ve mastered it. You can repeat Part 1 4 times for the same duration of work. Part 2 is super advanced.
  • This workout uses very intense and explosive movements. Use it as a “finisher” to go after another workout or practice, or at least ensure that you are VERY well warmed up before attempting it. Please, no strained hamstrings!!
  • Plyometrics relies on a deep knee bend before the explosive jump. Reviewing the footage, I could have been lower for MOST of the workout. Exaggerate the depth of your knee bend throughout, and do your best to land on soft knees with a deep bend as well.

xo Booty Quake

PS for more Tabatas, have a look at my Fast and Furious workout, or the Ready for Battle session.


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