All-Star Jammer Juice Workout

Posted on: October 4th 2015

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The ability to sustain your endurance, speed and power from the first whistle to the last whistle takes a lot of training. Do this workout, and you’ll be ready for anything at your next bout. Two minutes of hard work, followed by a one-minute rest, then repeat. Sound familiar?

You need: A stopwatch or interval timer, a towel or t-shirt for agility hops; mat optional

Warm up: 25 jumping jacks | 20 wall push-ups | 20 good mornings | 20 arm circles in each direction


All-Star Jammer Juice Workout:

Perform 30s of each exercise then repeat both, without rests, for each two minute “jam”. Rest one minute between jams. Jam 1 is written out in full as an example.

Jam 1: Skater Strides, One-foot agility hops Left + Skater Strides, One-foot agility hops Right
Jam 2: Jumping Jacks + Burpees
Jam 3: Skater Jumps + Lunge Jumps
Jam 4: High Knees + Frog Jumps
Jam 5: Mountain Climbers + Cross-Under squats

Stability Training: Side plank to failure on each side.

Finish: Stretch!

Printable: 2015-10-04 JammerJuice


Explanations and modifications:

All of the exercises can be found in the How-To Videos catalog. Click the link in the exercise names to see each video. 

To make this easier: Reduce the work intervals to 20 seconds, and add 10 seconds of rest between each exercise, in addition to the 60s of rest between Jams.

To make this more challenging: Reduce the rest time between jams to 30 seconds.



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One thought on “All-Star Jammer Juice Workout

  1. Love this workout! Represents the challenge jammers endure very well. Also helped me find a new max HR!

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