Booster Juice workout

Posted on: October 23rd 2012

I’m stoked to bring you today’s new workout for 3 important reasons… #1 – I asked you for the biggest challenges you wanted to overcome, and overwhelmingly, you said “endurance!” Ask and ye shall receive, my friends… mwahahaha… #2 – I have a new camera and microphone! As my teammate Chica Bomb said, “oh great, now you won’t have to hear the hipsters in the back ground!” like my last video… hopefully the picture quality is way better too… #3 – this workout was SERIOUS BUSINESS. I filmed this workout the day after I did a variation of it to test it out for you guys, and by the time I was filming, my legs were already burning from the day before!

Here’s the scoop on the Booster Juice workout:

  • Duration: as fast as you can complete all reps with good form.
  • Equipment: stopwatch


  • Booster #1: 20 burpees

Strength Exercises: do 3 rounds of the following 4 moves:

10 x 10 sumo squat pulses…10 pushups… 20 lunge jumps… 20 roll-ups (pilates situps)

  • Booster #2: 20 Side to Side Power Planks


For the burpees – proper form is: squat, plank, pushup, squat, jump! Don’t cheat the quats.

The side-to-sides are counted as one per side – watch the video to make this clearer. So, from a crouch, you jump your feet back to plank, then towards your hands, then back to the left, then back to your hands for 1 rep. Repeat all to the right for rep 2… etc.

Try to keep really good form throughout! Keep your chest and head up during the sumo pulses and the lunge jumps. To be honest, in watching the video I realize that I can do a better job there sometimes too.

 Record your time! This is a great workout to come back to in a couple of months and see if you can beat your time. Leave me a comment below and let me know your time or just what you thought of the boosters.

See you next time!

9 thoughts on “Booster Juice workout

  1. You were not joking about burning leggs!

  2. Endurance is something I need to work on. This proved just how much I need to work on it. Whew. Rough to get through, but feel pretty proud I did. Thanks!

  3. Do you just do the burpees/side-to-sdie power planks at the beginning/end of the three rounds of stuff or do you do it at the beginning/end of each round?

  4. Oh wait, I just read the description again and it answered my question. Thanks!

    1. :) Great Slim – hope you like the workout!

  5. WOW, I just surprised myself and knocked TWO MINUTES off my time for this! 13:30!!

  6. 18:30. I think I got slower than the last one, but I’m feeling good about it nonetheless! Thanks, BQ!

  7. How many side to side power planks? Twenty as well (like the burpees)? So in total like 40? 20 to each side? Sorry I read, re-read and watched the video and cant figure out how many to do!

    1. Great question! I edited the post so it now says “20” in the workout details – and as it says in the Tips section, each side counts as 1 (so you’ll do 10 each side).

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