All-Star Power Medley Workout

Posted on: August 13th 2017

Workout Focus: Power & Agility!

Intensity: moderate

You need: a timer, rolled towel or t-shirt, and a bench or box. Mat optional.

Suggested Warmup: 25 Jumping Jacks | 30 High Knees | 20 Half Squats | 20 Good Mornings | 20 Walking Lunges

Stability Training: Included

All-Star Power Medley Workout

Core Activation: one round

Power Section: 3 rounds. Rest after each exercise. Maximise each jump!

Agility Section: 3 rounds. Rest between moves as needed. Fast feet!

Cool Down: walk/jog 3-5 minutes. Try foam rolling your legs. Stretch your calves!

Printable: 2017-08-13 power medley

Explanations & Modifications

To get the most out of each power exercise, go for max height & explosive power on each rep. For the agility section, focus on keeping core engaged, arms calm, and feet quick!

To make this easier: convert the power section to a strength section by eliminating the jumps and just doing pushups, squats and lunges instead.

To make this harder: increase reps and/or sets. Instead of box jumps try stepping off a box immediately into a tuck jump. Soft landings!

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