get stronger plow stops | RDA

Get Stronger Plow Stops for Derby

What are the two things we should practice the most in roller derby? Jam starts (cause they are guaranteed to happen every single jam), and... plow stops! You can use stronger plow stops about a hundred times per jam so it's a solid strategy to make sure…

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fix your squats | Roller derby athletics

Fix Your Squats: A PSA

Roller Derby: It's me, Booty Quake. And it's time for a very frank discussion.  There's a scourge in our community that has been ignored for too long, and I can no longer stand by and watch it happen.  It's time for us all to come together to fix the …

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ankle strength for roller derby

Maintenance Monday: Build Ankle Strength!

Every roller derby athlete needs excellent foot and ankle strength, in order to get the most out of our skates!  Having stronger muscles in our lower leg will allow us to balance more easily, use our edges more effectively, and have a stronger skating s…

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best cardio for roller derby

What’s the best cardio for roller derby?

Cardio. You either love it, or you loathe it. Either way, jammer or blocker, you probably ought to be doing some form of cardiovascular exercise in addition to roller derby practice – especially if you’re trying to level up, improve your endurance qu…

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cross-training program

The Four Key Elements of a Derby League Cross-Training Program

1. Burpees, 2. wind sprints, 3. suicides, and 4. wall sits. Just kidding! As a league, you’re responsible for supporting your athlete members, and creating successful outcomes for individuals, teams, and leagues. Of course this means providing the bes…

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league cross-training program for roller derby

Five Reasons Why Your League Needs A Cross-Training Program

If you’re a roller derby league, charging membership dues, then your members are your customers -- your lifeblood. Much like a bicycle though, if you ride ‘em hard and store ‘em wet, well quite frankly, they won’t last ya long! On the flipside, i…

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Solve your hip pain with TFL

Maintenance Monday: Solve Your Hip Pain with TFL

Ladies and gents, meet the Starbucks Muscle! Otherwise known as the TFL, or Tensor Fascia Latae, it's the star of this week's #MaintenanceMonday. TFL might also be the magic ingredient that will help you finally solve your hip pain. I call it "the Star…

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hip stretches | Roller Derby Athletics

Maintenance Monday: My Hottest Hip Stretches

So, when was the last time you stretched your Inferior Gemellus? What? You don't even know what that is...? Fear not. Inferior Gemellus is just one of the external rotators of your hip. There's a little pack of them deep under your gluteus maximus. They …

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better quad stretch | Roller Derby Athletics

Maintenance Monday: A Better Quad Stretch!

On #MaintenanceMonday,  I try to help you give your bod a little extra TLC. This week, it's a way better quad stretch! Most of us fail to give our quads the TLC they deserve. After all, these big ol' sexy muscles do a lot, from extending the knee joi…

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Maintenance Monday: Cactus Arms

On #MaintenanceMonday,  I try to help you give your bod a little extra TLC. This week, it's a deceptively simple move that may teach you some surprising facts about your shoulder mobility!  "Cactus Arms" will either feel nice, but pretty easy, OR you…

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Charlies Angels upper back stretch

Maintenance Monday: Charlie’s Angels Stretch

On #MaintenanceMonday,  I try to help you give your bod a little extra TLC. This week, it's an upper body stretch that feels F#$%ing amazing, for reals.  You're going to make like the Charlie's Angels silhouette graphic, and use the ol' two-handed f…

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roll with the stick

Maintenance Monday: How to Roll with The Stick!

On #maintenancemonday,  I try to help you give your bod a little extra TLC. This week, I show you an alternative to foam rolling for loosening up your tight muscles. It's called The Stick, yo! Foam rolling is highly recommended. But if you're like me …

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A better hamstring stretch

Maintenance Monday: A Way-Better Hamstring Stretch

On #maintenancemonday,  I try to help you give your bod a little extra TLC. This week, I show you a way (WAY) more effective hamstring stretch! As usual, frequently when I use the word 'stretch' I really mean a mobilisation, or a dynamic stretch (not …

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Superhero Stretch - maintenance monday

Maintenance Monday: Superhero Stretch

On #maintenancemonday,  I try to give you a little something wonderful to do for your body! We spend enough time bashing ourselves (and others) around, that it's important to remember to take a little time for maintenance. I've been using this move to w…

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thoracic rotation - maintenance monday

Maintenance Monday: Thoracic Rotation

Welcome to Maintance Monday, a little segment where we give our bodies some love, and do something nice for them. Like this little thoracic rotation mobilisation I've got for episode one! I'm always trawling around for new things to try, and this move is…

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