Maintenance Monday: Superhero Stretch

Posted on: February 19th 2017

Superhero Stretch - maintenance monday

On #maintenancemonday,  I try to give you a little something wonderful to do for your body! We spend enough time bashing ourselves (and others) around, that it’s important to remember to take a little time for maintenance.

I’ve been using this move to warm up my teams, and in my own off-skates training sessions, for about a year now. It’s a really fabulous many-in-one move that gets your hips, back, and chest all opened up in a jif!

Superhero Stretch

So I’m calling it a stretch because “Superhero Mobilisation” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it… let’s call it a dynamic stretch for short, meaning, it’s a great thing to do before exercise.

When to do this: After warming up with some light cardio activity for 3-5 minutes, before a practice or workout.

Sets/Reps: Try 5 reps each side, alternating. Remember, you twist twice per side for one rep.

>> Want more of these? You can get all of the #maintenancemonday videos here.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or let me know how this movement works for you!

xo Booty Quake

One thought on “Maintenance Monday: Superhero Stretch

  1. Thank you for taking the time to create all these videos and allow access to those who are not your members. You are a great inspiration for fitness and better skating skills. I love skating and exercise but am not part of our local roller derby team.

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