Maintenance Monday: Thoracic Rotation

Posted on: February 13th 2017

thoracic rotation - maintenance monday

Welcome to Maintance Monday, a little segment where we give our bodies some love, and do something nice for them. Like this little thoracic rotation mobilisation I’ve got for episode one!

I’m always trawling around for new things to try, and this move is one of my very favourites that I’ve picked up in the last few weeks. It really opened my eyes to how much tension and stiffness I was carrying in my upper back! It feels SO GOOD to do this, and (for better or worse I guess) I get a pretty satisfying spine crack every day on my first or second rep :)  Plus I’ve noticed less stiffness and a more “free” feeling in my upper torso since I started this one.

Thoracic Rotation

Watch the video to check out what this mobilisation looks like. It’s worth noting that this movement is not a stretch, per se. It’s a mobilisation — meaning, it’s meant to get your joints moving to bring blood flow and synovial fluid to the area, and get things moving through a full range of motion!

When to do this: I have recently added this to my daily morning movement routine. Also great to do before and after derby practice, and the day after a bout!

Sets/Reps: As few as 5/side at a time, or as many as you feel are enjoyable.

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