Sun’s Out Fun’s Out: Bout Betties and RDA are teaming up this round!

Posted on: October 9th 2019

Results are in and the conclusion is clear: this program is forecasting some serious gainz for spring! Sun’s out, guns out!

Everybody’s favourite 4-week challenge is back to pump up your upper body strength, shoulder stability, and general tank top vibes. 

Our kick ass sister company Bout Betties will be putting together some sweet swaggy prize packs! We’ve got awards for the member who makes the biggest gains toward their goal, regardless of the starting point, one for the most consistent Challenger, plus a draw prize! 

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Read on for all the details!


A four week Challenge to build upper body strength and shatter your limits!! Pick your target: Push-Ups or Chin-Ups (or something else upper body related?) and we will work together for four weeks to help you reach your goals!


Wherever you are! Challenge workouts and group/individual support will be on the RDA Fitness App. You don’t need gym access or equipment unless you’re working on chin-ups and need the bar. If you ARE at the gym (or have a home gym – you lucky duck!) you’ll be able to add weights & machines to your Challenge workouts (optional!).  Here’s a sample workout.


  • Monday June 1st to June 26th
  • All the workouts are on your own time.
  • Expect to do Challenge work three days out of every four.
  • Workouts will be about ten to twenty minutes long – something you can add on to your normal routine!


Because we need super strong upper bodies & core strength for bracing and blocking. Chin-ups and push-ups just happen to be excellent, quantifiable measures of that kind of strength! Plus, we all obsess about leg strength, right? Time to switch gears ;)


Anyone and everyone who wants to improve their upper body strength! Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get from knee push-ups to your first ‘full’ one, or you can already do 10 pull-ups but you’d like to do 20 – whatever your starting point is, this challenge will help you #levelup. 


You’ll have to join the Challenge to find out!! Kidding… sort of… We will definitely spend time on the target exercise (push-ups or chin-ups), but unlike other challenges where we *just* do that, here we will add in accessory exercises to build all the related muscle strength we need to improve. We are going to build a super strong core, shoulders, chest, neck, and back! You’ll get planning tools, customizable workouts according to your starting point and goals, and group motivation.

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Here’s a teaser on how to make your push-ups come easier:

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See you in there!

xo from Ratchet, Taco, BadBrand, Maloik, Dimples Diablo and Mikillya!

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