Sun’s Out Funs Out Workout

Posted on: April 10th 2016

Be a stronger bracer and link in your defensive chain with a stronger upper body and core!

You need: A mat, a chair or bench, and a timer set to 30s / 10s intervals

Warm up: Optional: 25 jumping jacks | 25 high knees | 25 bum kicks | 20x half squats.  Required: April Challenge Warm-up Sequence

Stability Training: Included in the workout.

Sun’s Out, Funs Out Workout:

Perform each movement for 30s. Rest and prep for the next movement for 10s.

Five Minute sequence:

Elbows-to-hands planks
Triceps Push-Ups
Ab-Leg Lifts
Flying Plank Push-Ups
Side plank – L
Side plank – R
Bench Dips

Repeat the above sequence for two or three total rounds! Option to rest between rounds.

Finish:  Upper Body Stretch Sequence! Downward dog… child’s pose.

Explanations and modifications:

Just because this is set up as timed intervals, it’s not intended to make you race. Try to use excellent form throughout!

To make this easier: Take rests. Perform push-ups and tricep push-ups from your knees, or with hands elevated.

To make this harder: Do extra rounds. Do push-ups and tricep push-ups on one foot. Modify bench dips with feet elevated.

xoxo Booty

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