Sun’s Out FUNs Out Challenge


Join us for an Upper Body Challenge in June! Now that the sun’s out, it’s time to hack off your sleeves and show off your pipes. Pick your target: Push-Ups or Chin-Ups (or something else?) and we will work together for four weeks to help you reach your goals! 

This challenge will run June 1-June 26! Content will be provided via email and the RDA Fitness App

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>> Are you an MVP Athlete? Your challenge is free! Details in your email or ask your Coach! Want in? Become an MVP Athlete here!

Lots of us want to improve our push-ups (or be able to do our very first perfect one), but we rarely take time to do other exercises that will help us get there! We just keep practicing not-so-great push-ups. Time for a different approach! We will target lots of different core and upper body exercises, *plus* push-ups or chin-ups, and build steady progress. 

Expect to work on the challenge 3 days out of every 4, for about 10 to 30 minutes each day (or more if you want!).

Our kick ass sister company Bout Betties will be putting together some sweet swaggy prize packs for our winners at the end of the Challenge!

Even more details about the program are here.

*note, workouts will be provided via the RDA Fitness App!  Android/iPhone compatible