Roller Derby Gamechangers

Posted on: September 5th 2014

As part of Roller Derby Athletics’ sponsorship of the 2014 WFTDA tournaments on, we’re sharing these 30 Second #Gamechanger episodes all tournament season long!  A team has 60 seconds for a time out on the track – what can YOU do in 30 seconds to change up your game?  Tweet it to @bootyquake and use #gamechanger 


#7 – How to Skate Faster! 

Everyone wants to improve at their 27-in-5 endurance, and be a more powerful skater on the track. Here are 4 moves you can add to your routine to make a difference!


#6 – How to Dominate a Tournament – Three Easy Tips 

When you’re playing a tournament all weekend, you gotta stay fresh! Here are three simple steps to get you through to the after-party.


#5 – How to Build Agility with Instability

Who wants to be really agile and avoid injuries? YOU, right?! This video shows you the magic sauce that will get you there – just 2 minutes added to most of your regular workouts!


#4 – How to Warm Up to Win

Learn the best elements of an effective team warmup, and why you should do the same one every time!


#3 – How to Fire Up Your Core for Derby

Everyone wants a strong core, right? In this video I show you the 4 most effective moves specifically for roller derby core strength. I also show you a shake weight :)


#2 – How to Master your Mental Game

Get all zen, practice jamnesia, and use a simple physical cue to re-centre yourself when poop hits the fan…


#1 – How to Banish Back Pain

Lots of skaters get low back pain when skating in pace lines – here are some exercises to help!


New videos being added with each WFTDA tournament! Check back for more, and subscribe to the Roller Derby Athletics YouTube channel!

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  1. Love these 30-second vids! thanks!

  2. These are great!

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