Cross Training and Skating Go Together Like PB&J

Posted on: August 19th 2021

Practice makes perfect, and, as they say, “you have to learn to crawl before you can walk.” That idea applies to cross-training, or practical exercises, for sports and other physical activities. Roller skating (and roller derby specifically) requires mastering precise footwork, agility, and general muscular coordination. However, these things are difficult enough at a standstill or on flat ground, which is why, for example, box jumps or long jumps are important to perform before getting used to jumping on skates.

RDA Coach explains how box jumps can help with outdoor skating

Getting used to the upward momentum before you can apply it while rolling is extremely helpful. Once skaters become more confident and experienced, these practical exercises are still great to have in their routine to keep from getting rusty. They can improve upon their exercises by adding more weight, quicker time intervals, or other challenges, which reflect in real-time applications. 

Think of a jammer pushing up against a wall of blockers: the added practice of pushing a sled or even practicing hits on a weighted punching bag increases their ability to successfully dodge and counter-hit other players. Also, consider a pivot trying to sneak past blockers on a line once they’ve been handed the star; quick footwork drills like stepping quickly around cones mimics the type of balance and control needed to get around such a tight space. No drill or exercise is too unimportant for becoming a better skater!

Photo credit: Tina Letter Photography

Want help boosting your cross-training? You’re in luck! Roller Derby Athletics’ Pump Up Your Jam Challenge, previously a member’s only challenge, has now been opened to nonmembers. This exclusive challenge is great for any level of skater who is looking for a full body, comprehensive training program to kick your fitness into high gear. Transform your game with skating-specific strength, core and endurance workouts. This challenge is perfect for athletes who want an intense fitness boost to transform their game, including endurance.

  • It offers a safe & fun way to work out and still socialize
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  • Structured workouts at this extended derby-less time

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