Pre-Hab! On-Skate Warmup Rollercon Review

In honour of it being Rollercon week, and because I'm on the road to Vegas, I thought I'd re-post the video I made last year at "the world's sweatiest convention..."  If you can't do an off-skate warmup before practice or a bout, then I recommend follow…

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Five Tournament Tips for Derby Domination

<*photo courtesy of my favourite skate shop, ! > It's tournament season for many of us, which means super fun road trips, inside jokes, sweaty gear in dank hotel rooms, and a whole lot to ask of your body. Playing 3 or 4 bouts in…

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Pre-Hab! On-Skate Warmup

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I am a big advocate for proper warmups and post-workout stretching. I even made a video for you to show you my favourite pre-workout off-skate warmup drill. But, sometimes you just don't have t…

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PreHab: Dynamic Roller Derby Warmup

As I wrote in my last article, a dynamic warmup is a key step in the exercise process. A dynamic warmup brings increased blood & oxygen to your muscles and joints, increases your range of motion, and prepares your body for more intense work to follow.…

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Why Your Stretching Routine Is Bogus!

I get it. I do. In your elementary school gym class, your teacher (well qualified to be an educator, but not an athletic trainer) taught you to hold a series of standard stretches for a few seconds each before you all started tearing around the gym bounci…

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Dynamic Warmup (dryland)

Here is a warmup you can do that follows the theory of dynamic stretching: warming up and lengthening your muscles in preparation for athletics, without using sustained stretching. For more background on dynamic warmups and the reason they're good, check …

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