PreHab: Dynamic Roller Derby Warmup

Posted on: July 2nd 2013

As I wrote in my last article, a dynamic warmup is a key step in the exercise process. A dynamic warmup brings increased blood & oxygen to your muscles and joints, increases your range of motion, and prepares your body for more intense work to follow.

The benefits of warming up include increased strength, speed, and performance during training (I don’t know about you, but I’ll take all the free help I can get in that department!). Plus, it reduces your chance of injury. Think about it: if your muscles and joints are nice and limber, it’s less likely that a strange fall or an explosive movement will induce a ligament strain or muscle tear, than if you’re going in cold.

Obviously this kind of warmup magic is critical for derby practice and bouting, because of all the lateral movements, quick changes in direction, hits and falls, but don’t set it aside when it comes to your off-skates training! Strength, agility, and power (plyo) training sessions should all come after a dynamic warmup. Get more from your workout and avoid a muscle strain or tear by running through a full body set of dynamic movements first.

Watch the video and follow along in real time as I take you through this full body, off-skate, roller derby warmup!

xo Booty Quake

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