Dynamic Warmup (dryland)

Posted on: September 30th 2011

Here is a warmup you can do that follows the theory of dynamic stretching: warming up and lengthening your muscles in preparation for athletics, without using sustained stretching. For more background on dynamic warmups and the reason they’re good, check this out

Do each of these for about 20-30 seconds or so:

Start: lower body

march in place (knees up), march in place (heels kicking your butt), half squats, walk on tiptoes, jog with high knees, jog while kicking your butt, sumo squat and pulse in the low position, side to side lunges, walking lunges, squat & twist.

Next: core and upper body

small arm circles forwards, getting bigger, transition to forward crawl… arm circles in reverse direction… washing machine (twist torso side to side)… hip swivels… upper body swivels… inchworm…

Before contact drills or skating practice you should warm up your neck as well – again, no sustained stretches, just turn your head side to side, up and down, ear to shoulder, and do these back and forth at a reasonably quick pace. Finish with neck circles in both directions. Make sure when you are tilting your chin up/head back, you are using your neck muscles to support your noggin, not letting it ‘hang’ and crunch your spine.

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