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Posted on: September 4th 2014

There’s so much going on at Roller Derby Athletics, I put together a little post here to help you navigate all the offerings on board…

This site has tons of free training resources… Check them all out on the Training Resources page! Workout videos, advice, injury prevention, sports psychology, nutrition – pretty much everything except on-skate strategy is covered. 

One of our most popular FREE training programs is the BasicsBuilder program. You get a new, eight-minute low-impact workout delivered to your inbox each day, giving you strength, stability, and power that will translate to the track, big time! Just click here to get instant access.

Want more content, moar, MOAR?! Join our All-Star Access program. You get weekly workouts, bonus content, special challenges, and sport-specific nutrition advice and recipes! If you’re self-motivated with your training but always looking for inspiration and ideas, this is made just for you.

Looking for a focussed conditioning program to follow? All our training programs are on the Training Programs page. I’ve created this handy chart to help you decide which program is going to give YOU the results you’re looking for.


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You should definitely check out the Standardized Roller Derby Fitness Test – a great way to benchmark yourself using sport-specific moves. We are developing some standards and targets based on user-submitted results so that there is a global reference point for athletes in our sport! Cool right?

Check out the About Us page for more about Booty Quake and Roller Derby Athletics and our partners…

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2 thoughts on “New to RDA? Start Here!

  1. Looking to sign up for blog

    1. Hi CC! Great! There’s a big blue sign-up bar near the top of the homepage where you can enter your info, and i send out a newsletter every time we’ve got new content!

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