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Get Derby Strong. Eight Minutes a Day. No Equipment.

The Roller Derby Athletics BasicsBuilder is a one week program designed to be a simple, no hassle, quick routine that you can do everyday in 8 minutes or less, and still make gains on your strength and fitness. You’ll do one workout per day, that’s LESS than 45 minutes a week! The off-skates moves are designed to build your base. This means they’re giving you foundational strength and control, and helping to prevent injury.

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Welcome to BasicsBuilder, where strength meets stability & confidence on skates! Let's roll into a journey of power-packed fun together! Ready to level up your skating game? 💪


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Short Workouts

Just 8 minutes, 5 days a week is enough to effectively start improving your on-skate performance.


Work out at home, or wherever you are.

MADE FOR skaters

No more wasting time with workouts that don’t make sense for your sport!


Detailed instructional videos on Android or iPhone, or desktop!

What fellow Basicsbuilder peeps say

I have only done a week of your 8 Minute Method and the difference in my skating from last Friday to this Friday is almost night and day. I could barely do 5 laps around the track without my back screaming at me, and today I lost count during our pack drill and made it all the way through without having to stop due to pain. Thanks for making this awesome program available to fresh meat such as myself!