Seven Minutes in Heaven Agility Workout

Posted on: February 5th 2013

7 minutes agility workout

Want to juke better, bust through scrum starts, stop and turn quickly to force a cutting penalty, or be able to move yourself at lightning speed across the track to block out a slippery jammer? Of course you do! That’s why today’s workout dials in on agility training. You’re going to have the fastest feet in the game if you add this to your routine once or twice a week!

I’m calling this Seven Minutes in Heaven because it’s (obviously) seven minutes long, and because you’re going to keep your feet ultra-light throughout – like you’re jumping on clouds in a cartoon heaven. Got it?! Good! It’s short, so you can add this to the end of another workout or a practice to give yourself an agility boost. If you’re feeling frisky, do it 2 rounds through.

Equipment: 1. A hand towel or t-shirt. 2. A timer on 45/15 second repeats (or a stopwatch) I use the Seconds Pro app on my phone to count the intervals.

Workout:  Do each of the following for 45 seconds, then take 15 seconds of rest.

  • Swizzle Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Side-to-side Shuffles
  • Agility Hops Right
  • Agility Hops Left
  • Blocker Getups
  • Hot Cross Hops

Watch the video through to see what the moves look like. I go through all the moves at the end of the workout in the video with a little how to.

I recommend wearing shoes for this workout if you have knee or ankle issues – it’s hoppy!
Please remember to warm up beforehand, and cool down with a stretch afterwards – pay special attention to your feet and calves after the workout. I like to roll the arches of my feet on a golf ball or lacrosse ball to work out the tension.

Thanks for watching – and thanks for sharing these videos with your friends and teammates!

xo Booty Quake

6 thoughts on “Seven Minutes in Heaven Agility Workout

  1. Awesome! I had so much fun – I did it twice. And now I need a mop to wipe up all this sweat ;)

  2. This one is great to do in conjunction with a core or AM strength (or both!) in PUYJ! I can see this becoming part of a regular rotation, fun and quick and ass kickin’!

  3. I love the idea of this workout. If your a plus size would you still recommend doing it. I’m around 200 pounds in weight and have had some ankle and knee injuries.

    1. My best advice is to listen to your body! If you have knee or ankle pain while trying this out, then I recommend scaling it back. You might want to stick to two-footed agility jumps to save your ankles some potential trauma. It’s a pretty short workout, so you can probably give it a try with one round through, and see how you feel the next day before deciding whether to keep working on this one!

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