No Hands! All-Star Extras

Posted on: November 12th 2014

Hello All-Stars!

Here is your exclusive real-time version of this video – great for if you want to follow along step by step with me in doing this session!

Here is the abbreviated workout video that is quick to watch and get a sense of what this session entails… 

And here is your handy printable: No Hands Printable

Some additional all-star only input on this workout – 

Sumo Squats and Sumo Squat Jumps: Be sure to keep your chest lifted. It is very tempting to cave in, and drop your torso forward as you bend. If you keep your gaze lifted above horizontal, you’ll naturally keep more upright. Ensure your knees are following outward over your toes! Only turn your feet out as far as your hips can naturally rotate. 

Side Lunges – Do make sure to send your hips backward, weight in your heel, with each lunge.

Skater Strides – Same body position as side lunges – try to keep the top of your head low and the entire time, rather than popping up and down. 

Here’s how the workout goes – 

  • Warm up
  • Part 1: Low impact
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Part 2: Plyometric
  • Optional: Repeat part 2
  • Cool down & stretch

Part 1: Between each exercise below, do 30 seconds of side lunges, alternating sides

Part 2: Between each exercise below, do 30 seconds of skater strides

xo Booty Quake 

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