December Fun Fitness Challenge!

Posted on: November 25th 2014

Get Jolly Well Motivated…

Resolutions are for January, right?  Nope! Not anymore!!

Last year, after a ton of travel, I really needed some help and motivation of my own to make sure I could get back on track with my fitness and training, and not succumb (entirely) to the never-ending deluge of Christmas eating and lazing about! So, I ran a super-fun December fitness challenge – the Candy Cane Crew.

It was very successful! And all of us on the Crew had a lot of fun. This was not your typical Judgy-McJudgerson fitness challenge – more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” – where each participant picked a goal for the month, or the week, and we all encouraged each other to stay on track. From drinking more water, to getting to yoga twice a week, to getting sweaty once a day, the variety was impressive! 

So we’re back and better than ever this year with our Candy Cane Crew 2014!

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 This year, instead of waiting for January to focus on fitness, get ahead of the game by sticking to your goals in December! Set your personal fitness goals and December resolutions (with my help), and get three weeks+ of fun challenges, exclusive Candy Cane Crew workouts, reminders, and motivation.

Let everyone else laze around on the couch through the holidays – you and I are going to stick to our goals and our fitness plans, and hit the ground running – fit, healthy, and motivated come January first, ready for even BIGGER things.

WHAT: RDA’s Candy Cane Crew 2014, an exclusive fitness challenge club

HOW: email correspondence and super-secret Facebook group for team motivation

WHEN: December 8 – December 31, 2013

COST: $15

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CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL DEAL: If you purchase any other Roller Derby Athletics training program on December 1, you can get access to the Candy Cane Crew absolutely free! It’s my gift to you. You’ll get details after you finish the checkout process!

Frequently Asked Questions…

(Well, no one has asked yet, so I’m making bold assumptions here. If you have more, please write in the comments below!)

Q. What’s the challenge? What will we be doing?

A. Part 1: choose-your-own challenge –  We’ll establish our personal goals in the first few days –  with group support! Whether it’s hitting to the gym 3x a week, getting to yoga class regularly, doing your stretching, or just keeping your red wine intake to a dull roar, we will set some individual mini-resolutions for the month. Part 2: Your mission is to plan and track your fitness all month long! Part 3: I will provide mini-challenges along the way that you can choose to accomplish if they fit with your fitness goals. Part 4: Throughout the challenge, I will provide exclusive workouts for you to follow!

Q. What do I need to get involved?

A. A facebook account and email address; a small space where you can work out; a cheerful attitude :) and your $15 payment.

Q. Where does this happen? Do I need to be where you are? What time zone are you in?

A. You can do this from anywhere in the whole wide world! I will try to base my posts & email timing on north american daytime, as that’s where most of my followers live.

Q. Is this for weight loss?

A. This is for health, with a focus on physical fitness. The motivations and mini-challenges will range from fitness to nutrition to mental sanity over the holidays. I am not a nutritionist and there is no food plan involved. Candy Cane Crew members might feel frisky and share some healthy holiday recipes, and I’ll have some healthy eating tips, too.

Q. How does this facebook group work? How do I get in?

A. When you complete the checkout process, you’ll automatically be added to an email group, and I’ll send you details to get invited to the facebook group. All the details will be distributed through those 2 channels.

Q. Why does this cost money? Is it worth it?

A. FANTASTIC question. Studies show that people are more likely to stick with something they have INVESTED in, over something they have joined for free. Plus you get a whole bunch of workouts to get you through the holidays looking and feeling strong and healthy. For 75 cents a day, I’d say it’s a screaming deal.

Q. But I LIKE egg nog and turkey and lying on the couch in a food coma at Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus. Plus I’m travelling, so it will be too hard to stick to anything.

A. You’re right. It’s impossible. Stop before you start!… Just kidding!  At this time of year, everyone should have parties, food, and fun, and some of us travel and stay with Great Aunt Matilda who has no space to work out in between all the crocheted doilies. This Challenge is about MODERATION not austerity, and about setting realistic goals for keeping your fitness going over the holidays. Your can have a total breakdown of your normal routine, or choose to take small actions each day to keep things on track with your health!

Q. So, you’re saying I should sign up already?

A.  You betcha.

Click Here to Sign Up for the Candy Cane Crew 2014!

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