The Biggest Crossover Mistakes – Part 2

Posted on: September 13th 2018

crossover part 2

You’re probably making at least one of these 4 big crossover mistakes. But they’re easy to correct if you know what to change. So let’s learn how to crossover more comfortably and confidently!

In this video I identify the four biggest crossover mistakes I see skaters – AT ALL LEVELS – making, that cause their skating to be inefficient, and slow(er). We covered the first two big mistakes in Part 1, so be sure to check that one out too. In today’s video I cover mistakes #3 and #4 – crossing over instead of under, and failing to transfer your weight.

PLUS – I’m sharing my super weird trick that I’ve seen help many skaters achieve their first proper, efficient crossover ever!

Let’s check it out:

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The Top 4 Crossover Mistakes:

  1. Spinning wheels & losing power at the end of each stride. The fix: 90 degree strides, heel wheels leave the ground last.
  2. Lopsided skating. The fix: use both legs to power around the track! Practice the inside leg reach and pull.
  3. Crossing “over”. The fix: cross UNDER instead.
  4. Not enough weight transfer. The fix: my one weird weight-transfer trick.

Today’s video will show you how to correct #3 and #4 so you can be more efficient getting around the track.

If you’re looking to speed up your jammer lap, or add a scootch to your 27-in-5 test, these fixes are going to help!

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What did you think of my weird trick? Who’s your special person that you’re going to picture yourself saving??

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