How to self-motivate when life gets in the way?

Posted on: June 30th 2014

Q. What helps you stay motivated to work out, or pushes you to work out, when life things get crazy and overwhelming?

– Trudy Bauchery

A.  When I’m struggling against the deepest, most primal urges to lie on the couch with a glass of wine, dark chocolate, and Netflix, here are my go-to mantras to get me moving.

“If I work out, there’s a 0% chance I will regret it when I’m done.”  On the flip side, I do know I’ll feel at least a little bit of remorse if I bail on my workout.

“I only have to do 15 minutes.”  I know I can fit this in, and the chances are good once I get started, I’ll feel good and want to do more.

“My team is counting on me.” This and other guilt-based self pep talks can be very effective. I know I’m highly motivated by a responsibility to others, so this one works great for me!

And finally, “All things in moderation, including moderation.” This is actually a statement that I regularly apply to many areas of life. If your world is truly overwhelming you — if you’re going to be late paying your bills, send your child to school without a lunch, or put yourself in an emotionally stressed state in exchange for making it to practice or the gym, then things are out of balance. Taking a day to get your house in order or get some rest might be just what you need to get mentally and emotionally back on track, which will translate to better success on the track in the long run.

Thanks for the great question, Trudy!

If you have more ideas and suggestions for your fellow derby athlete, please add your voice to the comments below! How do you motivate yourself to get your ass to a workout or a practice when things seem overwhelming? Let us know!

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