Fitting in fitness when you’re not a morning person

Posted on: June 30th 2014

Q. What is the best time of day to exercise if you are not a morning person? Should I get up and push through to do a session before work?  Or is it better for me to do afternoon or evening workouts?

– Holli Hipkiss

A.  Sounds cheesy, but the most effective workout is always the one that actually gets completed, which is why working out in the morning is so successful for so many people.

That being said, if you KNOW you’re going to hit the snooze button and not get that morning workout done, then by all means just plan your day around an afternoon/evening session instead.

To make sure you’re not letting one too many evening workouts fall by the wayside, you should keep a log of your planned workouts (including the time of day you plan to do them) vs. your actual completed effort, and the reason for any missed workouts. If you find that a high percentage of your afternoon workouts fall by the wayside, then its worth trying to plan for one or two short morning workouts each week and try to make them part of your new routine.

Thanks for the great question, Holli!

If you have more ideas and suggestions for your fellow derby athlete, please add your voice to the comments below! Have you found a trick for late risers to make a morning workout stick? Do you just feel stronger in the afternoon? Let us know!

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