Finding your inner (thigh) Suzanne Somers

Posted on: August 1st 2014

Q. I need exercises that strengthen my hip abductors and adductors. Can you let me know which one of your awesome workouts has exercises that hit these muscle groups?

– Vile Love It

A.  Great question, Vile! Adductors and Abductors are super important for skating and stability. 

A-B-ductors are the muscles we use to push our leg out sideways, as in a skating motion. 

A-D-ductors make the opposite motion – pulling your legs together. Think Suzanne Somers on the Thighmaster –  all adductors! 

OK… I am going to admit that I just spent an inordinate amount of time web-searching for an image of Suzanne doing the thighmaster. But it turns out that it looks so silly and, well, kind of provocative, that the only pictures of her are draped NEXT to the Thighmaster. Observe:


ANYHOW… back to the task at hand. Exercises to target these oh-so-very skate specific muscles! Here is a selection for you:

Leg circles
Skater jumps (and hops)
Side lunges
Sumo squats (all variations)

The Step It Up workout also has chair step-ups. I find these hit the upper inner thigh very well! You will feel it every time you try to sit down or stand up :)

Thanks for the great question Vile!

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