Ask Booty – A Little Unstable?

Posted on: May 10th 2015

Q. I need help with my stability! I’m a petite skater, and I’ve been working on bending my knees and digging my skates into the ground, but it just isn’t working. I see these solid rocks coming towards me, so I bear down and feel that I’m going to be as solid as the skater coming towards me, but I still end up getting thrown all over the track. Even my coaches have told me it’s the one thing that’s keeping me from getting to the next level on my team. Is this something that will just come with time (I’ve only been playing for one year), or are there things I can do on my own to help?

Precariously yours,

– Scrappy.


A. Hi Scrappy! That sounds frustrating indeed! You’re right – time will make a difference for you. I often see rookie skaters take a huge skills leap after their first ‘off-season’ as all the learning sinks in to their brains and their muscles.

However, in the meantime I have two suggestions for you.

  1. Counterblocking. You might already be doing this, but I’ve found that I have really good success with an oncoming jammer (or blocker) if, instead of just bracing myself, I counterblock her a little as she approaches. In other words, use just a little extra force to oppose her as she makes contact and reduce her momentum. This could be something to practice for you. Just be sure to keep it legal!
  2.  Strength training. It could be that you just don’t have a ton of “oomph” behind all that bearing down and digging in that you’re trying to do!  I could be way off – maybe you’re a powerhouse! – but it sounds like a little muscle mass could be your missing ingredient. I would recommend working out with free weights at a gym. Squats, deadlifts, lunges, and so on. It’s great for core strength and leg strength, which are both essential for holding your ground. Most gyms will give you a free session with a personal trainer to get you started, or you could find a veteran teammate who works out a lot and can show you the ropes.

How do those ideas sound?

P.S. Of course, there’s always the cheeseburger diet… nom nom nom… ;)

P.P.S. Need a some inspiration? Here’s Terminal City All-Star Evada Peron, showing what 5’0″ can do with a little extra muscle, and a lot of passion.

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