All-Star AMRAP 12 Workout

Posted on: April 30th 2017

Workout Focus: Endurance, Power, Strength, Full Body

You need: Stopwatch, bench for dips, mat (optional)

Warm up: 20 x wall push-ups | 20 x good mornings | 20 walking lunges | 20 half squats | 3 core activations + 20 Dead Bugs (from the How to Engage Your Core Pre-hab!)

Stability Training: Finish with 2 x 30s side plank, each side.

All-Star AMRAP 12 Workout:

Set a timer for 10 minutes; perform As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP). All reps listed are totals, alternating sides. For example, “10 Lizard Planks” = five left, five right.

Finish: Flexibility Training – How to Stretch Everything After Your Workout.

Printable: 2017-04-30 AMRAP 12

Explanations and modifications:

To make this easier: Omit the push-up from the burpees; go slowly and take 10-15s breaks along the way.

To make this harder: Aim for explosive jumps on all jumps!; extend the time to 15 minutes; add a barbell to your shoulders and do standard (upright) forward lunges instead of forward leanover lunges; note your per-round time and aim to meet or beat it with each successive round!

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