All-Star Tuna Burgers

Posted on: October 19th 2014

Hi All-Stars!

Lilith NoFair first introduced us to this recipe – along with a few others – in her All-Star-only article, High Protein Recipes that Aren’t Just Steak!  And she talked some more about healthy fats, in particular Omega-3 fats found in fish, in Three Fabulous Fats

Here is your printable version of this recipe – nice to have instead of constantly checking your phone screen while you’re in the kitchen!  Just right click that hyperlink to download.

Here’s the video one more time – 

Looking for the recipe without having to open a PDF? I posted it for the general public here.

Remember, you can also substitute the tuna for salmon.  If you do, add a ¼ c of oat bran along with the flax meal, and substitute the soy sauce for lemon juice.

xoxo Booty Quake

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