The (RDA) Breakfast Club

Posted on: January 14th 2015

Do you find it difficult to do anything except grab a coffee and get out the door in the morning?  You’re not alone!

Breakfast might be “the most important meal of the day”, but it’s also the one we leave the least time to prepare, and the first thing to go when we get busy.  We all know we’re supposed to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast, but how often does it actually happen?  I know for me, if it takes longer to prepare than my morning cup of tea, it’s usually off the table.  Even equipped with good intentions and information about what makes for a strong start to your day (here’s a hint – it’s lean protein and veggies), it can be tough to motivate yourself to better your breakfast. 

Never fear, The (RDA) Breakfast Club, is here!

In the tradition of RDA’s Candy Cane Crew December fitness challenges, we’ve decided to introduce a new nutrition challenge for February – The (RDA) Breakfast Club!

The (RDA) Breakfast Club as a place to get helpful time-saving tips, share recipes, and keep yourself accountable to a group of like-minded friends.  It’s not a meal plan – it’s a chance to eat more mindfully first thing in the morning.  Think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” – each participant will pick a goal for the month, or the week, and everyone will encourage each other to stay on track.  

From just starting to eat breakfast more regularly, to consistently tracking your food, to increasing your protein intake, we’ve got you covered!  Instead of trying to go it alone, let RDA and a group of your peers help you stay on track!

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WHAT: RDA’s Breakfast Club, an exclusive nutrition challenge club

HOW: email correspondence and super-secret Facebook group for team motivation

WHEN: February 1 – February 29, 2015

COST: $10


The (RDA) Breakfast Club Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. What’s the challenge? What will we be doing?

A. Part 1: Choose-your-own challenge –  We’ll establish our personal goals in the first few days –  with group support! Whether it’s eating breakfast at all, finding a better balance to your nutrients, or working veggies into your daily routine, we’ll each set some individual mini-resolutions for the month. Part 2: Your mission is to plan and track your breakfasts all month long! Part 3: I will provide mini-challenges along the way that you can choose to accomplish if they fit with your nutrition goals. Part 4: Throughout the challenge, I will provide exclusive recipes and techniques for you to try!

Q. Why breakfast?  Why not all of my meals and snacks?

A. The simpler and more precise the goal, the more likely you are to succeed.  Picking one meal to really commit to gives you a clear focus through the month and helps you nail healthy habit formation bit by bit. There’s nothing stopping you from tracking all of your meals, or applying the tips and tricks we share to other mealtimes.  By starting with breakfast, you can set yourself up for a whole day of healthy eating.

Q. What do I need to get involved?

A. A facebook account and email address; some sort of kitchen; a blender or magic bullet (if possible); the will to try new things; and your $10 payment.

Q. Where does this happen? Do I need to be where you are? What time zone are you in?

A. You can do this from anywhere in the whole wide world! Most posts & email timing will be based on north american daytime, as that’s where most of RDA’s followers live.

Q. Is this for weight loss?

A. This is for health, with a focus on sports nutrition. The motivations and mini-challenges will range from quick breakfast recipes, to tricks and tips, to healthy habit formation. I am not a dietitian and there will not be a specific food plan given out. 

Q. How does this facebook group work? How do I get in?

A. When you complete the checkout process, you’ll automatically be added to an email group, and I’ll send you details to get invited to the facebook group. All the details will be distributed through those 2 channels.

Q. Why does this cost money? Is it worth it?

A. FANTASTIC question. Studies show that people are more likely to stick with something they have INVESTED in, over something they have joined for free. For less than a week’s worth of morning coffee and donuts (or a day’s worth if you shop at Starbucks), you get access to a whole month’s worth of recipes, ideas, and support.

Q. I only have time to grab a coffee and a bagel on my way to work – will this even work for busy people like me?

A. This challenge is MADE FOR people like you!  We’re all looking to save time in the morning. This challenge will provide you simple strategies and yummy recipes to keep your mornings stress-free. You can apply as little or as much of the advice to your current routine as you think is sustainable – we’re all about keeping you healthy for a lifetime, not just keeping your interest for a month.

Q. So, you’re saying I should sign up already?

A.  You betcha.

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