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How my roller derby injury made me a better skater

When we heard that one of our athletes had been injured, right after moving to a new city (Seattle) and starting in with a new league (Rat City!), we were feeling her pain... what a way to kick off a new league experience! Yuck! With injuries such a regu…

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Go From Benchwarmer to MVP with the 1% Secret

Photo courtesy of my favourite skate shop,! You don’t need to practice every day, or have natural born talent to improve at roller derby quickly. You just need to follow the Secret of 1%. Let me explain. Have a good look at this next st…

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Level Up with StrideBooster

It doesn't much matter whether you're a blocker or a jammer (or a "blammer!"). You know that you need strength, power, and agility to be successful out there on the track.You probably know some bodyweight-only strength moves you can do (for example, maybe…

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post-concussion return to derby protocol

Returning to Derby after a Concussion

 Coming back to roller derby after a concussion can be a tremendous challenge.There are emotional challenges: fear of re-injury, fears you might not be ready, worries you've been away too long and have lost some of your edge... And of course there…

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Three Non-Sweaty Ways to Improve at Roller Derby and Life This Week.

Sure, I'm always here to tell you how many push-ups or burpees to do, and how to become more agile. But sometimes you can also make big strides and improve at roller derby by working out your mind... [PS: Photo courtesy of my fave skate shop, www.rollerg…

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Re-Learning How to Learn

Life is good. I recently took a personal day from my “real” job for a day on the mountain with my snowboard. Just a few days later, my S.O. and I headed to Mexico for an adventure with wind, wetsuits, and waves. And a week after our return, I tried r…

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Five Tournament Tips for Derby Domination

<*photo courtesy of my favourite skate shop, ! > It's tournament season for many of us, which means super fun road trips, inside jokes, sweaty gear in dank hotel rooms, and a whole lot to ask of your body. Playing 3 or 4 bouts in…

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Can You Imagine Your Way to a Win?

(Photo courtesy of my favourite skate shop,!) When you step back and take stock of all the things we do to be at our best in roller derby, the list can be surprising. We go to practice and scrimmages. We tweak our gear (bearings, plates, wh…

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The Performance Enhancing Wonder Drug

Have you ever wished you could instantly be better at roller derby (or any sport) without any hard work, patience, ‘roid rage, or inconvenient doping convictions? What if I told you that elite athletes are already widely using a traditional, natural su…

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Resolutions are *so* last year…

Everyone is talking resolutions and big plans for 2014 these days. Hard to open a magazine, the intertrons, or the boob tube without facing someone's list of goals for the 365 days ahead. I was planning to write a resolutions-themed blog post of my own, i…

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