Steps Players Can Take Toward a Healthier Brain Safety Culture

Hello and welcome to our newest contributor to the Roller Derby Athletics blog! Kaio-kensi (she/her) is one of the 2019 team captains of the New Skids on the Block of Montreal Roller Derby. She has a background in neuroscience, sport & community recr…

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Roller Derby Self-Talk | Roller Derby Athletics

Mental Muscle: Talking To Yourself

Your inner derby monologue: friend or foe?  Many of us struggle with that voice inside. Sometimes self-talk helps us a ton, and sometimes it can be a real jerk! Personally, I know this to be a big limitation for me in certain moments of the game. Rath…

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roller derby focus

Mental Muscle: the Focus Funnel

Roller derby demands tactical strategy, physical strength, explosive power, and quick reaction time. But to make all of that happen, you need your mental muscle working for you too! This week I'm pleased to have a fantastic guest expert on board to sha…

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Stop sucking. Start winning.

Derby players are quite possibly the most self-defeating group of people I've ever come across. We play a sport which most of us have been practicing for less than 10 years - sometimes as few as one or two years. So we often lack the facility and ease of…

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