Sweet Sixteen Stairs Workout

Posted on: May 8th 2013

Are you feeling a little Molly Ringwald? Excellent! This Sweet Sixteen Stairs workout is perfect for you.

Ingredients: 3-5 storeys of stairs, 4 strength and core moves, and some sweet thigh-burning repeats.

Instructions: Mix with sunshine, and enjoy the endorphin rush when you’re done!

Here’s the drill:

Each stair interval is up and down twice. Since there are 4 sets per round, and 2 rounds, that makes 16 total stair intervals. In between each stair interval, you’ll do an upper body or core strength exercise for – you guessed it – 16 reps. It goes like this:

2 rounds through:

Stairs x 2 |  Pushups x 16

Stairs x 2 |  Bicycles x 16 (32 total, 16 per side, alternating)

Stairs x 2 |  Dips x 16 (find a bench, bleacher, or ledge!)

Stairs x 2 |  Side raises x 16 per side

Your stairs should be tall enough that you’re feeling a bit of a burn by the time you hit the top landing. You can modify this workout for bleachers or shorter flights of stairs by doing 3 or 4 repeats of the stairs for each set.

As always: warm up and cool down!

** if you don’t have access to a suitable set of stairs, watch through to the end of the video as I show some alternative thigh-burning exercises you could substitute with. Try doing them for 45 seconds, then a 30 second recovery jog in place, then 45 seconds, then another recovery before starting the next strength interval.

One thought on “Sweet Sixteen Stairs Workout

  1. Your workouts are perfect for the derby body! I can do these at a high level of intensity so I can make a short workout super effective or add a round or two for a challenging endurance workout. Just brilliant.

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