Step it Up Workout

Posted on: November 19th 2012

It’s time for another workout my friends. Nothing seasonal or themed here, just a solid few minutes of your time spent sweating and getting a little bit more awesome. It’s a time challenge, so record your time and do this workout again in the future to see if you can beat your time. Keep reading below for the do’s and don’ts.

Here’s the drill:

Equipment: a chair, a mat. Timer: stopwatch – count up from zero

Workout: Three rounds of:

  1. Chair Step-ups x10 each side
  2. Bicycle situps x 20
  3. Chair squat x 10 each side
  4. Power pushup 1-2-3 x 10
  5. Chair lunge + kickover x 10 each side
  6. Penguins x 25

Things to consider – get a solid high knee on the chair step-ups. Use your abs to lift your knee. For chair squats make sure you’re lowering with control, not plopping down onto your chair. For the penguins, 1 rep is a reach to both sides.

Post in the comments below and let me know your time!

9 thoughts on “Step it Up Workout

  1. 12:53 and I’m worked! Can’t wait until January 7th :)

  2. 13.34 i am done!

  3. 14:12 yeah!!

  4. Pump Up Your Jam is absolutely working! My time improved to 10:59!! If you didn’t get in last time, sign up quick for the next one.

  5. Got 12.55 today. Massive improvement in just two weeks!

    1. Nice work Magic!

  6. 12.04!! Yay :D

  7. 12:35! The pushups felt the most challenging.

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