RDA All-Star: Tandava

Posted on: October 9th 2019

We have loads of dedicated athletes training with Roller Derby Athletics all the time. But every now and again, someone comes along and knocks our skates off with their dedication and determination. And we can’t help sharing our #rdaallstars success with the world!

Introducing: Tandava, proud new member of Violent Femmes! (North Star Roller Derby)

Tandava’s coach Maloik nominated her for skater of the month because she checks in her workouts nearly every single day, and asks super important questions about her body and ways to improve (constantly asking for little intrinsic and ignored muscle prehab and rehab exercises). She always has really great short term and reachable goals. Congrats, Tandava on passing your MSRs and being drafted to a home team too!

photo: used with permission from Tandava & North Star Roller Derby

Q&A with Tandava

What do you get up to when you’re not playing derby?
I’m a Montessori elementary guide. I love watching classic silent films, reading, walking around the city, attending yoga classes and hanging out at parks and cafes.
What are you working towards in derby / with your league or team right now?
I’m hoping to be drafted to a home team:) (SHE WAS!)
Any big successes / milestones for you in derby recently? I made it to both boot camps and passed my MSRs.
How has off-skate training contributed to your derby experience? Off skates has definitely helped me to build more stability and strength overall. I know I’m using a greater variety of muscles to perform different skills and I’m gaining a greater awareness of which muscles are better suited for a skill and so make it a lot less work. Off skates has also helped me recover quickly from falls;)
What is your favorite thing about training with RDA?
I love the regularity and structure. Coach Maloik is always ready to answer my questions and come up with a plan for focus areas.
The structure and support. Keeps me on task:)
Do you have a favorite RDA workout?
I don’t know if there is a specific workout I favor. I really liked the ladders and stairs workouts. I enjoy the combination in most workout of balance, coordination and strength challenge. I can honestly say while I don’t love pushups I can actually do them now and I’m also now aware of why I couldn’t do them before:)
Anything else you want to say about your derby / training experience this year?
My training experience this year has been intense. I went from setting up my own weekly plans to the individualized coaching. I was improving following the former but definitely made farther strides faster with the latter.

Congratulations to Tandava! Thank you for being such an awesome addition to the Derby community!

If you’re interested to see what YOU can achieve with some off-skate training and coaching from Roller Derby Athletics, check out our training plans.

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