RDA All-Star: Kandi

Posted on: December 17th 2020

We have loads of dedicated athletes training with Roller Derby Athletics all the time. But every now and again, someone comes along and knocks our skates off with their dedication and determination. And we can’t help sharing our #rdaallstars success with the world!

Introducing: Kandi, proud member of Boom Town Roller Derby

Coach Maloik nominated Kandi, she is a dedicated member of our Essentials Training since April 2018 and has completed over 480 workouts with us. Her consistency with her workouts, especially in the challenges, sets a great example. Thank you and Congratulations, Kandi!!

Q&A with Kandi

What do you get up to when you’re not playing derby? In a typical off-season (summer) I’ll be outside as much as possible in my garden, hiking, or riding my motorcycle in search of the best food trucks. Non-derby time in winter I’ll be snuggled up with my dogs and cat with my nose in a book.

What are you working towards in derby right now?  Right now (during the shutdown) I’m working on maintaining basic skills, improving my cardinoooo, and pumping up my general physical fitness.

Any big successes or milestones for you in derby recently? With our 10th season not being able to start, sadly, I have to go with no. But I’m trying hard to be positive and be ready for when we can go back to practice.

How has off-skate training contributed to your derby experience? Not only has off-skate training vastly improved my physical strength and agility for individual skill work, I’ve become a much stronger Blocker for my team and my confidence on and off the track has vastly improved.

What is your favourite thing about training with RDA? I can’t pick a favourite. I love the challenges and “team spirit” of of the participants, having an amazing coach at my fingertips to ask all my questions instead of having to consult “the Google” and getting more confused and frustrated, and having so many prepared workouts to choose from when I’m in a hurry or don’t want to think about having to build a workout myself.

Do you have a favorite RDA workout? This is going to sound crazy to the people that know me, but I have to go with Endless Jam – Intense.


Congratulations to Kandi! Thank you for being such a joy to work with and a sparkling addition to the derby community!

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