Season’s Eatings: Habit Strategies To Navigate The Holidays

Posted on: December 22nd 2020

Chestnuts roasting on the fire log channel. Families are gathered around different screens. The holidays are looking different this year, no question. Here are some habit strategies to help you through the holidays and on through the pandemic.

Give Yourself a Break

Every 50 – 60 minutes of sitting, stand up and give a stretch. Some of you are PC Warriors on back to back Zoom (or other web conference) calls. Get up for a water. Go for a walk if you can. Take a break from sitting.

Eating At The Dinner Table

Creating a designated eating area is helpful with providing structure. By providing a regular space, you subconsciously recognize it is mealtime. It helps avoid mindless consumption and encourages a more balanced diet.

Proportion Snacks

How many of us can crush a bag of chips without thinking about it? Pre-pour or plate your snacks so you are aware of what is going into your body. There is nothing wrong with snacking in moderation.

Set Scheduled Mealtimes

Creating a regular meal time helps with regulating your body’s blood sugar, digestion and even sleep. Athletes who have regular scheduled meals often perform consistently.

Plan Meals Ahead

This requires time to plan but takes the stress out of wondering “What’s for dinner?”.  Make a meal idea/plan and write out a grocery list so you don’t forget anything. If you are having trouble planning, there are home delivery meal kits that may help.

Remember To Hydrate….With Water

Eggnog, punch, cocoa, cider, wine… so much celebrating can give one a headache! Try to level out with a cup (250ml) of water for every serving of whatever you are enjoying. This will help keep you hydrated and regulate your blood sugar.

Speak Up

For those that are able to gather this season, eating might be challenging due to your dietary restrictions. Let the host house know well in advance if you are able. You can still be courteous while being honest. Bring a back-up meal or snack if you are concerned it will be an issue.

Photographer credit: Nigel Barber

Jen Cuthbert (aka Contajen) is a Canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist and a graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Niagara College. Her interest in sports nutrition started in her teens when she was a competitive high school rower. You will find her mostly on the sidelines as the Physical Trainer for Tri City Thunder and Interim Head Coach for Tri City Thunder Bees. She is currently rostered on TCRD’s home team VFT. 

Twitter: @ContaJen1900
IG: @contajen

2 thoughts on “Season’s Eatings: Habit Strategies To Navigate The Holidays

  1. Lots of great tips here to get back into a healthy routine!

    1. Much appreciated! Hope you are on track with your routine.

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